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When you meet a friend

Two friends John and Adam met after some time and they talk about how they are. They have a chat, one is telling about his new great purchase, he really likes.

Adam: You would not believe what I finally get. It has everything I always wanted. Parked at my home and just waiting for me to use.
John: Wow, that's great, what do you like about it the most?
Adam: This night light is amazing. Glowing from inside. In the night, you can see all perfectly clear.
John: I have heard, supposedly new versions have much better lighting.
Adam: Heated seat is standard, but I really like. Especially it will be needed on cooler days. Temperature is fully adjustable.
John: Warm seat winter is what you need.
Adam: Warm air and active deodorization air system directly in seat.
John: A lot of fans had to be installed.
Adam: What I like the most is that this is most powerful version, full electric, so you can really feel it.
John: Electric versions are more common this day, but is it efficient?
Adam: Yes, of course, you have two electricity saving mode one normal and one intelligent that adjust to your habits.
John: Sounds great and how does it respond when you use it?
Adam: It is very responsive, no lags, and you have Turbo mode, it is precise and do it job as you desire.
John: Lagging response is worst that can happen, good to hear that here is all well!
Adam: The best thing is that my whole family love it. It is very comfortable and well designed. Also, it has special function for my kids.
John: That is full option!
Adam: Yes, the top of the line version, I'm proud that I chose this one.
John: Ok, tell me, what brand or model it is?
Adam: It is BrookPad SplashLet 2100RB
John: Wow, never heard about this car make, but I think it must be good, from function description!
Adam: This is not a car! I bought new electronic bidet seat! But yes, it is good!
John: I am impressed, I thought that you are describing some new electronic vehicle.

You need to try it

You might be impressed how washing with water would clean better than wiping with paper. It is so unbelievable experience that you might even share it with your friends. But it is actually hard to imagine something that you have not experienced. Once you try there is no way back to old way of using toilet paper. You need to try it.

Written by
Edgar, BrookPad Team

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